The Soul-Centered Goals Planner

A Mind, Body, & Spirit Approach To Holistically Accomplishing Your Goals 

Has your journey to improve your life left you feeling stuck, drained, unbalanced, or unhappy?

If it has, it's probably because you need more of a holistic approach to goal-getting. You see, most people approach goal setting in a fragmented way...which (no surprise here) causes them to end up feeling too disjointed (or unmotivated) to succeed.

The key to manifesting your goals is aligning with tools that take your wholeness into account while energetically preparing you for greatness.

You are already complete, awesome, and more powerful than you probably know. You just need a loving reminder about your incredible qualities & the journey that this planner takes you on is the reminder.

With The Soul-Centered Goals Planner, you work on just 3 goals at a time. You'll focus on 1 mind goal, 1 body goal, & 1 soul goal for a 60 day period allowing you to integrate every part of yourself onto your path to success. 

This way neither your mind, your body, or your soul ends up feeling depleted. 

This Planner Contains:

  • A Vision Board
  • Soul Work Exercises
  • Non Dated Calendars 
  • Transformative Daily Exercises
  • A Blank "Notes" Section For Every single Day
  • & Much More

P.s- You do have the option to add in more goals if you feel called to.

Here's How This Planner Works...

Part 1 -Vision Board

The first exercise in this planner is to create a mini portable vision board that can carry with you EVERYWHERE. 

Vision boards help you to get clear on your wants and start to claim them in a healthy way. They also serve as a reminder of what your goals are and what you'll be able to accomplish when you reach them.

Part 2- The Soul Work

This is the planning stage of The Soul-Centered Goals Planner. You'll be mapping out your goals and going through a series of unique exercises designed to help you gain the clarity you need to start your journey & the tools you'll need to successfully complete it. You'll be tapping into the energy of greatness & you'll develop a plan to start claiming your greatness from day one.

Part 3- The Daily 6

You'll meet your daily support system here. This 6 strategic exercises are best done first thing in the morning and they'll become the fuel that helps you accomplish your mind, body, and soul goals. 

The Soul-Centered Goals Planner Is Available On for $24.99 

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